Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More new items

Di-Cut football stickers for cups at Jack's party!

These were buttons that everyone wore at Jack's party....LOVE those cheeks!!

Simply Squared-3" square calling card

India-3" square calling card

Beware-3" square calling card

Berry Patch-3" calling card for my precious grandmother!!

Peach Keen-waterbottle label for wedding welcome bags

Tweet Tweet

Pretty Ponies...this would have been my perfect birthday theme at her age!!

Knock Out

Mini House-Halloween

Wag On

Punkin Seed

Are You Ready...more pics of little things from this party to come!

Who Knows

Hula Hula

Cook it up

Minnie House

Elmo's World

Rattle and Roll


Clubhouse thank you notes

Funk Bird

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