Thursday, November 12, 2009


-Order needs to be placed at LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE you want to MAIL your invitations/announcement, orders are ready ONE WEEK AFTER proof approval.

-I use an outside printing company therefore cannot be held responsible for delays in shipment. If you need an order sooner than the one week delivery please be aware that additional shipping charges will apply.

-Order must be placed in sets of 10s or 25s as noted in sidebar pricing

***Christmas orders will only be placed AFTER payment is received so please keep that in mind when considering timing!***


The Segrest Family said...

OOOOOPS!!!!!!!! wrong post!!!!! SO SORRY! all of these are precious!!! emily, these are so cute! i came from jenny's site to yours and my brain is not following =) you don't have to publish that last comment =)

Elk Lighting said...

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