Friday, September 18, 2009

**Christmas Orders**

Can't believe Christmas is already beginning in my world! It's wonderful though because I get to have the wonderful love of Christmas in my little office for so much longer than the rest of the world!!
Just a few reminders when placing orders:
-DO NOT crop your pictures before sending them to me. This hurts the quality when I begin working with them. Just let me know if there is a certain angle you would like to keep.
-Send pictures in jpeg format and label them with your last name please!
-Give me any info you can as far as what you think you want. Include colors, size, special finish (foil, metallic, etc), folded or flat, etc.
-The quantity needed
-PLEASE remember that once an order is proofed by you it is sent to print and cannot be changed so look over your order very carefully!! I can change anything beforehand but not after it's finalized.

Can't wait to start posting some that I've already worked on!!
Merry Christmas!

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